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Petrochemical Group

gradually optimize and upgrade the devices based on the existing 200 thousand tons/year aromatic hydrocarbon joint production device to ensure that such indexes as safety, environmental protection and energy consumption are in the industry-leading level and actively promote the industrial development; adopt mature, advanced and environmental-friendly process technology and focus on the implementation of the 300 thousand tons/year C4 alkylation project through compound ionic liquid method, 300 thousand tons/year isomerization project, 20 thousand tons/year C9 hydrogenation project and Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether joint production project with propylene epoxide through co-oxidation method (American Huntsman Company), methyl methacrylate (MMA) project and 1,4-butanediol (BDO) project through (propylene epoxide process of Kuraray).


Eastar Holding Group Petrochem

Eastar Holding Group Co. Ltd. petrochemical company was founded in November 2011, the company's existing 600 thousand tons / year MCC (moderate heavy oil cracking) device, 100 thousand tons / year gas fractionation unit, 20 thousand tons / year MTBE unit, 5500Nm³ /h; dry gas and liquefied gas desulfurization unit of 100 thousand tons / year, 1700Nm& sup3 /h; PSA hydrogen plant and 250 thousand tons of young / aromatic hydrogenation unit 40t/h, the acidic water stripping device, 30t/h device, NaHS device for solvent regeneration. The total investment is 800 million yuan, covering an area of 196 thousand and 900 square meters. Heavy oil as raw material, the main production of liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, light aromatics, aromatic hydrocarbons, MTBE and other products.

2013 August aromatics a one-time success, by the end of December 2013, petrochemical company completed a total processing capacity of 238 thousand and 400 tons, sales income of 1 billion 250 million yuan, profits of nearly 30 million yuan, has injected new vitality into the economic sustained and rapid development of Dongchen group.

The company has been focusing on the enterprise strategic reserve personnel, through the steady production of pre construction and post aromatics project, a culture of “ to understand management, strong technology, rich experience in ” professional and technical team, to achieve the company's rapid development stage from the pioneering stage of transition, the development speed of rising, growing strength.

The project currently has 8 full-time safety management personnel: safety management department which has 3 full-time safety management personnel, all units of a full-time security staff of 5; the establishment of part-time safety management personnel 5; a total of 13 safety management personnel. Since the feed production projects, the overall technology system and safety facilities running well, the technology index, production capacity, product quality and power consumption are in the design range, no technology, equipment, such as personal injury accidents.

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