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Eastar Group was founded in 1994 and it implements such three strategies as “combination of industry, university and research”

Eastar Holding Group Co. Ltd.

Eastar Group was founded in 1994 and it implements such three strategies as “combination of industry, university and research”, “bringing in and going out” and “industrialized development”. At present, it has grown into a large-scale enterprise group covering such fields as chemical, new energy, biological medicine, new material, real estate development, logistics transportation, bonded warehousing and international trade and its industries spread in such regions as Shandong Province, the United States, Hong Kong and Xinjiang of China.

At present, the Group owns 16.7 billion yuan of capital and 22 holding subsidiaries. It takes the lead in establishing the development model of “combination of industry, university and research” in Dongying City and completes the national post-doctoral scientific research station and provincial technology center and creates the complete the independent innovation and technological achievements transformation system of the enterprise. It has completed the trademark registration in such countries and regions as Germany, Spain, the United States, European Union, Japan and Korea. At present, it owns 4 famous trademark of Shandong Province and 5 famous-brand products of Shandong Province. Its “IRISATED and picture” trademark is identified as “Famous Trademark of China” by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce and such new and high-tech products as hyaluronic acid and power transformer sell well in more than 30 overseas countries and regions. It is successively awarded such titles of honor as the nationwide enterprise observing contract and keeping promise and national standard good behavior “AAAA” enterprise and it has been in the list of Top 500 Chinese private enterprises, Top 500 in Chinese manufacturing industry and Top 500 Shandong enterprises for consecutive years.

The Group has been working on the diversified development strategy and it takes such eight industrial parks as the petrochemical industrial park, biological medicine industrial park, new material industrial park, mechanical and electrical industrial park, bonded warehousing logistics park, industrial park for combined production of methyl alcohol through coal (gas) mixing operation and polyformaldehyde new material industrial park and completed and put into operation as the core; elaborately creates such four industrial groups as petrochemical industry, new energy, biological medicine and new medicine and gradually establishes scientific and complete cycle industry chain. The core competitiveness of the enterprise has become more obvious.

At the same time of accelerating the strategy implementation, the Group also stresses the importance of safe production; more than RMB ten millions have been input successively, and various advanced safety facilities have been allocated; the safety inspection, hidden-danger identification activities shall be deployed regularly; the responsibility of the entity shall be enhanced, and the letter of responsibility shall be signed level by level so as to implement the safety responsibility to each employee; the safety-risk margin system shall be promoted actively, and the meshing and the real-name system management shall be implemented further; the safe operation of the enterprise is ensured under the implementation of multiple measures.

During the “13th five-year” period, Easter will continue the principle of “eliminate a batch, promote a batch and construct a batch” so as to make the enterprise assets reach RMB 30 billion and achieve the production value of RMB 60 billion. The deep integration of industrialization and informatization will be enhanced continuously so as to improve the capability of innovative development and sustainable development of the enterprise; the structure shift from “scale expanding type” to “quality expanding type” will be achieved so as to set up the new industrial pattern of high-end oriented, ecologicalization and carbonizing, and to construct the first-rate modern enterprise group with comprehensive international competitiveness.