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Biological Medicine Group

promote the product quality, expand the application field of the product and developing the medical-level hyaluronic acid product based on existing hyaluronic acid and glutamine products; start the D-calcium pantothenate project of annual output of 12000 tons/year promptly so as to create the largest calcium pantothenate production base in China; develop small varieties of amino acid, such as threonine, praline, isoleucine and tryptophan etc. surrounding the zymotechnics technology research; promote the long-chain binary acid project under the cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences. 


Dongying Buddha Stewart Biolog

The subsidiary of Dongying Buddha Stewart Biological Engineering Co. Ltd. is a group company producing national special commodity enterprises, the construction unit of hyaluronic acid series products with the leading domestic level, through the quality / environment / occupation health and safety / energy management system four system certification, HACCP certification, halal certification and kosher certification. The company's hyaluronic acid products have successfully passed the official certification of international halal food, which indicates that the product can be sold in any region or country that believes in Islam at home and abroad. The raw material purchase, production, processing, packaging, storage, sale and circulation of the products all conform to the relevant national health standards and Muslim customs, and do not contain the Islamic taboo ingredients. The company production of the special needs of national products of hyaluronic acid sold nationwide and more than 30 overseas countries and regions, won the city's activities to create national unity and progress demonstration unit title.

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