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New Energy Group

promote the transform of transformer, high-low pressure switch cabinet, high-low pressure etc. into the high-end, energy conservation and intelligent type; promote the all-vanadium redox flow battery project, graphene conductive-ink material development and industrialization project and supercapacitor etc. for high-efficiency energy-storage device for meeting the renewable energy power generation and distributed power-supply and energy-storage demands, such as wind power and solar energy etc.

Bazhou Dongchen Group Co. Ltd.

In 2003, Dongchen group to respond positively to the national call of the western development, to invest and build factories in Xinjiang. After ten years of development, the establishment of the Bazhou Dongchen group, holding 5 subsidiaries, a total investment of 40 yuan, covers five sections of natural gas chemical industry, coal chemical industry, coal resources, high-tech materials, property management, and built a coal (gas) - methanol formaldehyde circular economy industrial chain, and the surplus the carbon and hydrogen in the industrial chain of mixed input of carbon dioxide for cogeneration, recycling, reuse, realize the true sense of the energy conservation and emission reduction, efficiency, build circular economy industrial park. In July 16, 2015, Luntai County People's Government awarded the "Bazhou Dongchen group coal chemical industry circular economy industrial park" title. The company won the "Xinjiang model of a harmonious labor relations enterprise", "Xinjiang integrity credit enterprise", "Bazhou trustworthy enterprise", "Bazhou safe production advanced enterprise", "Bazhou energy conservation work advanced collective", "the development and construction of Bazhou Award" and "Luntai county model of national unity and progress", "Luntai County taxpayer" honorary title, belonging to the autonomous region of key industrial enterprises.
Bazhou Dongchen group has five sections of all the construction is completed, is expected to achieve annual output value of 2 billion 778 million yuan, profits of 1 billion 849 million yuan, the number of employees reached more than 2000 people, will seize the western development, "The Belt and Road national strategy of" historical opportunity, further integration of resources, optimize the industrial layout, rooted in Xinjiang, and make new and greater the contribution to the development of the local regional circular economy, and make unremitting efforts for the construction of Xinjiang, Xinjiang, Xinjiang to drive the development of coal chemical industry.
Bazhou Dongchen Group Co. Ltd.
Address: Luntai County, Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Bayinguoleng La ys Industrial Park
Telephone: +86-0996-8778177
Fax: +86-0996-8778177
Xinjiang Dongchen Limited by Share Ltd mining development
Address: Yang Xia Town, Luntai County, Bayinguoleng Autonomous Prefecture, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Mongolia
Telephone: +86-0996-4698399
Fax: +86-0996-4698399

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