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accelerate the progress of EPDM project; expand high-end new-material products and projects, including halogenated butyl rubber (BIIR), polyphenylene sulfide fibre (PPS), full biodegrade plastics (PBSA) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) etc.

Bazhou Dongchen Group Gas Chem

Bazhou Dongchen group natural gas chemical industry forum

In 2003, Dongchen group to respond positively to the national call of the western development, the implementation of “ introduction to go out ” development strategy, investment in Xinjiang factories in Luntai County, the area of Tarim oilfield associated gas recovery, achieve the resources in situ conversion and utilization, investment 250 million yuan to build a 90 thousand tons / year methanol gas project. In 2008, the company invested 150 million yuan, introduced the Chi gas recovery, pure oxygen two section conversion energy-saving devices, etc., the original production equipment for technical transformation and upgrading, production scale reached 180 thousand tons / year. Through statistical analysis, production per ton of methanol gas of 1050 m3 (0.796 / m3), electricity 546kwh (0.45 yuan /kwh), manufacturing costs 213.55 yuan, 52 yuan of financial management, cost management costs 101 yuan, 3.6 yuan of sales costs, labor costs 45.53 yuan, total cost of 1497.18 yuan / ton. The laying of the pipeline from the coal chemical industry forum introduction of carbon dioxide 2400m3/ hours, with the section of hydrogen natural gas chemical mixed input generation, natural gas consumption per ton of product, reduce the amount of electricity can be reduced by 47.73m3 108.89kwh, reducing labor costs 2.17 yuan, chemical, manufacturing cost of spare parts, maintenance costs can be reduced to 30 yuan, total reduction of 119.1605 yuan, the consumption reached 1378.0195 yuan, to further reduce energy consumption, greatly enhance the market competitiveness of the products.
The natural gas chemical industry is the first step towards Dongchen group to participate in the western development strategy, is the cornerstone of Dongchen western development, funding and personnel support for the subsequent development of the western region. Over the years, the company strengthened enterprise management, and strengthened cost control, and achieved a stable and safe production.

Bazhou Dongchen group coal chemical industry forum
Based on the coal resources, with its own high quality coal as the basis, the company in Luntai County of yilasu Industrial Park, 4 billion 500 million yuan investment in the construction of 1 million tons of coal methanol project. It is implemented in two phases, with an initial investment of 1 billion 700 million yuan and an annual production capacity of 300 thousand tons. At present, the project has been fully completed and entered the commissioning stage. Two phase 700 thousand tons / year coal methanol project has been proved completed and entered the stage of technical exchange.
The financial accounting, in accordance with the raw material of 1.72 tons of coal per ton of methanol (260 yuan / ton), 1.68 tons of coal boiler (220 yuan / ton), 266 degrees of electricity consumption (0.06 yuan / kWh), water 29.3m3 (1.98 / m3), additional labor costs 66.67 yuan, drug and maintenance costs 44.2 yuan, financial the cost of 206.09 yuan, a total of 1207.74 yuan / ton.
Coal to methanol production process surplus carbon plate for 3414.6m3/ hours, hours and natural gas chemical industry forum (m3/ 10000 surplus hydrogen hydrogen content of 7000 m3/ hours), in accordance with the ratio of 2.05:1, mixed investment and cogeneration 60 thousand tons of methanol annually productive. At the same time, the technological transformation project of decarburization process, the process of carbon dioxide produced by 3000m3 / h for recycling, transported to the park in the production of synthetic ammonia and urea enterprises, accounting to 0.4 yuan /m3, can achieve 9 million 599 thousand and 40 yuan extra income. After comprehensive calculation, the cost of the product is greatly reduced, 432 yuan per ton can be reduced, and the actual cost is 775.74 yuan. At present, the methanol market price of about 2000 yuan / ton, the annual output value of 600 million yuan, profits and taxes 367 million 278 thousand yuan, emission reduction, efficiency, revenue effect is very remarkable.

300 thousand tons of coal methanol project in Bazhou Dongchen Group Ltd.
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