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aim at the high-end ecological aging community and provide 24-hour check-in service of “multi-function” and “nursing”; provide the special service of day-care or at-home type according to needs of the aged; improve the QOL (living quality) of old-age support for users.

Shandong Dongchen Yash Ltd.

Shandong Dongchen Sunday Ltd. was founded in September 2005, is composed of China, Eastar holding group funded the establishment of a real estate development company, the company registered capital of 55 million yuan, the level of qualification level.
"The first high-grade cultural landscape of community development, Jian Shu Dong Chen" for the company, the project is located in Dongying Economic Development Zone, the state of Chu Road West, Yihe Road South, west of Shandong's largest city, Lake breeze lake, south of Guang Li River, a total area of 260 thousand square meters, construction area of 190 thousand square meters, volume the rate of 0.73, 70% rate of green, Dongying is the first theme of the humanities ecological residential area set of villas, garden villas, multi-storey residential, high-rise residential, high-end clubs, as one of the kindergarten. We follow the city planning of Dongying City, advocating "livable" concept, to contribute to the construction of the Yellow River City, the project started construction in July 2006, and now basically built into residential, leisure, high level of livable communities, also formed around the Dongying most has the cultural characteristics of large plate life. "Dong Chen - Jian Shu" project advocated by the "real estate, real estate ecological responsibility" concept, has been recognized by the leaders of all levels and all sectors of society, by the national Ministry of construction grand recognition, was awarded the first batch of "Chinese city logo name plate", "Chinese livable plate" of the title, in 2010 was named "consumer satisfaction units in Shandong province". Real estate development in Dongying, "Kam, Dongchen villa from the green landscape, community clubs, property service set first.
Wind Lake living plate is currently one of the high-end living blocks in Dongying, has a unique landscape resource advantages, the overall project consists of a 5A office and six residential buildings. For the first time, the introduction of Neo modernist design, the use of "Ark" design concept, architectural style unique, gives a cruise luxury living experience, in Dongying is the first case. The breeze in Hong Kong a total investment of 150 million yuan, the total land area of 46905 square meters, total construction area of 101357 square meters, green area of 14000 square meters, greening rate of 30%, the volume rate of 1.8. There is a project on the north side of the main entrance, located in the south along the way, on the south side there is a secondary entrance area, the internal implementation of the separation of people and vehicles, avoid risks, project planning a total of 330 households, mainly consists of 6 high-rise, high-rise, because the project orientation of Dongying's high-end residential community, so the apartment layout area from 100-200 square meters, to meet the needs of different customers, the project greening rate of over 30%, with 360 degrees around the water landscape design, the landscape diversity apartment layout all South Wing apartment layout design. Maximize your comfort level.
The Wine Manor project in May 15, 2012 (Qing Qingdao customs closed with 2012 Letter No. 259) approved Dongchen group Wine public bonded warehouse project, becoming the second international Wine bonded warehouse project. In November 23, 2012, the Group invested 100 million yuan, registered in Dongying Nord Wine Co. Ltd., marking the Wine bonded logistics center project into the actual operation stage.
Dongying International Wine Culture Expo park construction project is located in two South Road in the North West Road to the East, is an important part of the two phase of the Dongying Forest Park, covers an area of 149597 square meters (224 acres), the total construction area of 75960.72 square meters, including 59761.92 square meters on the ground, the basement of 16198.8 square meters. According to the function is divided into five parts: 1, wine bonded warehouses and supporting areas 2, wine storage and display area 3, customs office area 4, wine trading zone 5, wine enterprise distribution area.
With a total investment of 436 million yuan, the project will be implemented in two phases. The main projects include high standard public bonded warehouses, underground wine cellars, wine culture experience areas, outdoor activities centers and wine clubs. The combination of domestic and foreign cases and Wine cultural characteristics, the construction project Wine bonded logistics center is presented in the form of European style town, using European architectural style building set accommodation, catering, entertainment, tourism, conference, exhibition in one of the major wine storage center. According to the introduction of international famous brand construction in Wine, Wine as the theme of the World Culture Expo Park, become a major Wine manor, brand sales representatives of regional characteristics and cultural Wine display, tasting, culture, office, living in an experience area, forming a pattern in a real winery wine culture. Dongying will be the first set of tourism, vacation, leisure, entertainment, conferences, business as one of the brand image demonstration area.
West garden project total investment of 250 million yuan, with a total area of 58030.2 square meters, total construction area of 92984 square meters, ground floor area of 87731 square meters, including residential construction area of 84344 square meters, the construction of public facilities construction area of 1188 square meters, underground construction area of 7452 square meters, the project volume rate of 1.47, greening rate of 35%. The project started in October 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in October 2016.
Tianning Temple project covers an area of 129061 square meters, invested 650 million yuan to build the Tianning Temple folk culture tourism park, vigorously promoted the construction of a new socialist countryside, set up a support fund to support the development of social public welfare undertakings.
Companies follow the brand development concept, the development of the project we start from the development of the city, around the strategic goal of building the Yellow River City, build 5A level scenic area "with ecological characteristics of the wetland, we associated with the domestic first-line real estate agencies, the implementation of property management, implement the responsibility of the first star, second of the benefits of development philosophy," to build the city name card, set up the regional image, create brand "for the purpose of project development, promote the overall, balanced, contributing to the development of the city

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